Hi, my name is  Dr. Suresh Devnani. I am currently the author of Happiness Reinvented – Igniting Principles of Being the Best You can Be  (an Amazon bestseller)Happiness Centered Businesses – Igniting Principles of Growing a Sustainable Business  and Happiness Centered Customers: Secrets of Creating Happy Customers for Life. I have been blogging here since 2009.

I’m just an ordinary guy like you, except I just do things a little differently. Why you may ask? If you’d give me the chance to, I’d like to share my story with you.

My Story

Until I was thirty years old, my journey was dictated by my father who I admired for accumulating a fortune. From a bicycle vendor at 12 to a multimillionaire in his early 30s, I was mesmerised by his marketing skills, selling every stone as a diamond. Inspired by his story and his image, I pursued business and wealth as my one true goal in life, and was successful in accumulating a personal net worth of over $10 million US Dollars. I had become my father, his shadow in everything; where my dream where dictated by the numbers on my bank statement. But this was all about to change.

It was a sunny Friday afternoon in early 2000, and I had just returned from a late lunch with my private banker, who had reminded me to clear my outstanding dues. My employees had left for the day and I was alone in the office. Business had been dropping steadily for some time, and I had just found out a few days earlier that the money I thought I had, I had lost my savings in a speculative investment I made a year earlier. I remember looking at the piles of credit card bills on my desk, tuition fee invoices, and tickets for the trip I had promised to take my family on but now realised we couldn’t afford. Everything was falling apart, and for the first time in my life I was absolutely lost as to what to do next.

And I remember that on that quiet Friday afternoon, I considered what I could do. I could go home, tell my wife that I could no longer afford to send my son (my daughter had not been born yet) to school anymore. I could go and try to borrow money from someone, knowing that I would probably not be able to pay them back. Yet none of these were options, I loved my family and friends too much to ever do anything to hurt them. So instead of doing anything, I sat there, staring at the insurmountable pile of bills of my desk, and slipped into the first stage of what would become a depressive chapter of my life.

There are those days, and this was one of them. Life in these moments seems like a tunnel with no end. And all I kept asking is why me? Why does this have to happen to me? I’m just trying to take care of my wife, my son. I’m not trying to beg, rob or steal. I just want to live and be happy. Why does that have to be impossible?

As the days went on and my situation got worse, I began to wonder if the only way out was to take my life. I felt selfish thinking of it, but I knew this was the only way to pay my debts and ensure my family lived a good life. With my life insurance policy, I thought that my family would be able to smile again and not have to worry about the trouble with our finances that were becoming more and more obvious at home.

Like most people in difficult times, I started to ask questions like; Why did I fail? What did I do wrong? Why me? As I looked for answers for the above questions, my thoughts were full of negative feelings towards life, but most of all, I hated myself.

My Aha Moment

As I write this, I am moved by the experience because little did I know then that this was life’s greatest gift to me. Disguised in the most unusual form, destiny, fate, God, the self and the Universe (or whatever you may conceive him or her to be) had just set my life on its path to my liberation from this endless cycle of stress and negativity.

Pulling myself out of depression and into the study of life itself, I feel blessed to have been gifted with the strength to live through my lesson, and continue living through it each day. Life had intervened, and when I had stood in the centre of my own humility, recognising reality as it truly is, things started to flow again. Living life as its disciple, and with the divine as my master, I look back with humility upon my road knowing that with each passing day, the sun shines brighter.

There is no magic in anything; there is only truth, and what we think is reality. I hope that if you will give me the opportunity, I’d like to help you be free of the endless cycle of worry and pain that inevitably awaits us all. Because there is no truth in the world. There is only truth in you.

My Content

I write and share about real life and share what I’m learning from my spiritual journey. My goal is to create inspiring, relevant, and practical reasoning that will empower you to “Being the Best You can Be.”

When it comes to belief, I don’t like superficial or irrelevant; so you won’t get that here! I live, to love, laugh,  give and be happy; so, you will get an Up-Size of that from me! The best gift I can give you is my honest self. So, not everything I write is tied to Spirituality in a direct sense, but it will always be tied to my deep trust in the Creator I have come to love. You can find out more on my Start Here page.

My Family

I have been happily married to my wife, Lavesa since June 1993. Well, not always happily. We’ve had some issues, but what we’ve learned in overcoming them enables me to understand those of you who are experiencing the same.


My family of 4

We have one son and one daughter. And similar to our marriage, our parenting journey hasn’t been without challenges, but we’ve grown through them.

We live in Singapore. In my free time, I love to cook for family and friends, reading deep thought books, attending retreats, travelling to remote places, connection to my subconscious through meditation, and helping people achieve their highest potential.

I come from a line of family men, my father and brother, who share a passion for their family. This passion drives us to be the best we can be in leading and loving our family, experiencing both success and failures along the way.

I’ve followed suit and through my experiences I’ve learned just how difficult it can be to effectively lead and love my family. And the three of us are not alone. Many men have similar struggles.

What I’ve experienced, and the lessons I’ve learned are not only valuable to Devnani family men, but all family men. You can benefit from what I’ve learned and use it as a prototype to better lead and love your family.


Devnani Family Men

My Contact Information

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