Living Your Dharma Signature Retreat®

Living Your Dharma - Workshop


For all those who have found life to be tough and happiness a never ending expedition. My signature program LIVING YOUR OWN DHARMA® is a 5 day retreat with my team of specialists and I who will empower you in finding this intangible bliss.

Are you feeling? … Oh no!
  • Are you living a life without knowing you’re true self, or not knowing why you are even here.
  • Are you often angry or irritated about your life not going the way you would like it to proceed.
  • You want to be happy and relish your life, but all natural forces seem to stop you from meeting your goals.
  • You hate your job or your business, because deep inside you know you are not living a life you have designed.
  • You feel stuck, exhausted and in a mousetrap.
  • You want to connect to your spiritual side.
  • You secretly desire a life full of assurance and freedom.
  • You just want to be you, without any expectations or limits set by external forces.


Throughout my adult life I yearned, perused and looked for the secrets in achieving this never ending happiness and what follows has worked for me and is working for a large number of individuals around the world. I created this program to help you in your quest for finding these keys for this every lasting happiness, joy and contentment. LIVING YOUR OWN DHARMA® is a 5 day retreat especially designed to help you reflect and reignite these forces that have been sitting idle deep inside you that were always there, that will help you reinvent the excellence you were always meant to enjoy.

LIVING YOUR OWN DHARMA® will encourage you in

  • Finding your true purpose of life
  • Discovering the spiritual secrets of life
  • Free yourself from the daily soulless life
  • Connect yourself to the true-being
  • Simple and powerful steps onto the path of enlightenment
  • Learn the truth, highest wisdom and supreme bliss

The spiritual path is an indescribable journey; only one can realise bliss once they have experienced it for themselves.

Imagine having clearness about your true being and your purpose of life. Discovering the real reason for your existence. What’s makes you exceptionally you, and what your magnificent soul has to offer to this world. Clearness is such a wonderful thing, and LIVING YOUR OWN DHARMA® can bring you there!

Finally, Blissful Happiness can be a reality. Only if you are true seeker and looking to find the One retreat that will totally transform your life.

LIVING YOUR OWN DHARMA® will light up your life and allow you to flourish to your fullest potential. Through the 5 days of spiritual classes and holistic treatments will help heal your body, mind, and spirit. Various methods of non-invasive treatment will take place from meditation, yoga, deep relaxation massages, receive powerful transformational coaching, aqua yoga, resting, eating organic healthy food all in an exotic location.

Whether you are new to meditation and yoga or an experienced yogi, this retreat is for you. You will receive a tailored program to suit your needs and be guided through your retreat journey by Dr. Devnani and his team of specialists.

You will return home Revitalised, Reignited and Reconnected to your original Bliss and Love.