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Research indicates that being happy at work is a key component to feeling successful. Successful people have a sense of self-worth that benefits them and the organisations they work for on a great many levels. The problem for the employer is learning to create a positive work environment in which employees can stop “looking” for happiness from without and, instead, create it on their own from within.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, manager or sales professional who wants to bring out the very best in yourself and others, and if you’ve been looking for ways to increase the level of happiness within yourself and across your organization, then your search is over. Best-selling author, speaker and business coach Dr. Suresh Devnani will show you precisely how you can make this happen quickly and easily.

Dr. Devnani, the internationally-acclaimed author of Happiness Reinvented, Happiness Centered Business and Happiness Centered Customers, has perfected a simple process that empowers you to increase your employees’ productivity and profitability — guaranteed! You’ll learn the exact tools, techniques, strategies and systems needed to make this happen.

In today’s extremely competitive business environment, attracting and retaining talented and productive employees is mission critical. Happy employees forge stronger customer relationships, promote brand loyalty, and foster corporate growth. Multiple workplace studies indicate that employees who feel connected to their companies and are enthusiastic about their jobs work harder and longer, function in harmony with one another, and are far more flexible when it comes to adapting to the inevitable changes every business encounters.

Suresh (or “The Happy Doctor,” as he’s known among his elite corporate clientele) is the Founder, Chief Happiness officer CHO, and Chief Spiritual Officer CSO of Dr. Devnani & Associates and one of the world’s leading experts on creating happiness within the workplace. Dr. Devnani has served as a management consultant and keynote speaker for such prestigious organisations as Crowne Plaza Hotel, ITC Hotels (Starwood Luxury Collection Hotels), and Hilton Hotels. He’s studied the mind-body connection in over a dozen countries over the course of the past decade and a half, and concluded that Employee Happiness is more often than not an organization’s most vital and valuable asset. A happy, positive work environment goes a long way towards defining corporate culture; it enables firms to attract talented people, ensures they’ll work harder, and creates an environment in which they’ll want to remain for many years. It helps reduce employee turnover, boost productivity and maximise profitability.

When employees are loyal and involved in a company, profits are higher, customer relationships are stronger, productivity is greater, and the company’s prospects are ever growing. Equally, when people feel unmotivated or undervalued, a company deteriorates.

“We as people are more productive, creative, committed and interconnected when we have positive emotions and thoughts about the work and when we are motivated by fundamental interest in the work itself.”

Happiness Centered Business Live® is a customised 1 day workshop presented by Amazon Best Selling author Dr. Suresh Devnani’s based on his every so popular book Happiness Centered Businesses – Igniting Principles of Growing a Sustainable Business .

Happy employees are also content employees, and feel a sense of achievement in their work. They appreciate themselves and what they do, and they find gratification from their work, believing that what they do is significant. Such emotions reduce stress, which is a major factor affecting productivity.

The essence of this program is to allow todays SME, MNC & Entrepreneurs to create the Happiness Centered Businesses blueprint for the 21st century, which is based on following key elements:

  1. Purpose comes before profit.
  2. A company and its employees are partners.
  3. A cooperative organisation.
  4. Value-based leadership.

Happiness-Centered organisations are rapidly becoming the norm around the globe as companies that want to flourish and grow embrace the concept that employees must be happy in their day-to-day jobs. Some of today’s best-known firms have evolved from start-ups into multibillion dollar enterprises in record time by implementing happiness-centered tactics and strategies. Take Google, for example: it’s the perfect model of an organization that keeps its employees happy in order to offer a world-class series of services and grow at an unprecedented rate.

Through experience and working with my own companies, I have come to realise that people often forget, sometimes don’t know, how to be happy when they’re working. This workshop provides essential tools that allow work to be Fun again, inspiring and energising.

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