Awakening our Gifted Mind

We all have been provided with a Gifted Mind, but few of us have ever been trained to unleash the power of thoughts and the power of our subconscious mind.


Once a person starts unleashing the power of the subconscious mind, it activates our personal power, and generates success and fulfilment that we all deserve from our life. Everyone can learn to awaken their intuition and use it in their every day life to develop an enlightened perception that can guide them towards their goals and dreams quicker than ever thought possible.

There are no secrets or mysteries about spiritual growth. This is supposed to be a natural process; we just need to implement the suitable conditions for it to take place. At the deepest core of our Mind, behind the layers of thoughts and emotions, are these fundamental secrets that have been implanted from the time we entered the womb of our mothers, for those who believe in life before and life after, this has been implanted centuries and civilisations before, as we are all part of the divine soul which has given each of us the secret code to unleash the infinite wealth and lives riches.

Knowing how to proceed on the awakening path is the initial stage in this process. We must follow this with determined resolution that is the second stage, which will empower us assured success. Ultimate universal power, is always omnipresent, it is where we all connected as one.

The goal of this book is to share information that I have learned and tested to help every reader easily attain the skills required to tap the resources of our giving brain that will allow us to start using our subconscious mind to solve problems, get creative ideas and increase our success in compounding our wealth and appreciation of our everyday life!



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